Need cash in Venice? Read this first.

Venice ATM during Carnival

In Italy, an automated teller machine or cashpoint is a "bancomat." You'll find bancomats all over the city, usually on the outside walls of banks.

Italian bancomats are nearly always easy to use, with multilingual screens for the convenience of visitors.

Tips for using bancomats:

  • Authorize foreign ATM transactions with your bank before you leave home.
  • Be sure to have a four-digit numerical PIN (such as "1234," with no letters).
  • Be aware that local banks may have lower limits than your card's limit. (If a bancomat won't give you €400, for example, try again with a smaller amount.)
  • We like Banco San Marco bancomats because (unlike some ATMs) they usually dispense a combination of €50, €20, and €10 banknotes, rather than only 50-euro notes.
  • Don't try to get cash from Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia bancomats unless you're a customer.

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