Where to go when you need to go

Public WC pavement sticker in Venice

Finding a place to relieve yourself in Venice isn't always easy, especially at crowded times of the year. Here are some tips:

  • Use the facilities in restaurants and bars whenever you can.
  • Never miss a chance to go when you're in a museum or other tourist attraction that has free toilets.
  • If you're arriving by train, use the toilets at the railroad station, which are much cheaper than the municipal toilets.
  • If you're arriving at the Tronchetto parking island by car or tour bus, use the WCs in the main garage or the bus parking area, which are cheaper than municipal WCs in the city center.

Using public WCs:

  • Venice's municipal toilets are ridiculously expensive: €1,50 per visit.
  • Veritas--the company that operates the toilets--offers prepaid WC visits through Venezia Unica, but savings are minimal to non-existent.

  • Disabled visitors can use the toilets free.

  • Hours of operation are from morning until early or mid-evening. After 7 or 8 p.m., go to a bar or restaurant.

  • Don't wait until you can't wait, because there may be a waiting line (especially during peak tourist periods or on weekends).

The easiest public toilets to find:

  • Piazzale Roma, between the square and the Grand Canal.
  • Rialto, in the Campo Rialto Nuovo on the San Polo or west side of the Rialto Bridge.
  • Accademia, underneath the Dorsoduro side of the bridge.
  • San Marco, in the Calle delle Ascensione, just beyond the arches at the west end of Piazza San Marco.
  • Giardini ex Reali San Marco, slightly inland from the San Marco Giardinetti vaporetto station.

For detailed information on public WCs (with photos), see "Public Toilets in Venice" at our parent site, Veniceforvisitors.com.

How to avoid drowning:

  • Men: Resist the temptation to urinate in a canal, especially if you've been drinking. Men have been known to fall into canals and drown. (See cautionary blog post with video).