Don't let roaming fees ruin your trip.


Using your phone in Venice:

Smartphones: Most modern smartphones work in Europe. If your phone supports two SIM cards or E-sims, you can avoid roaming fees (see below) by purchasing a local prepaid SIM card for extended visits.

Roaming fees: Telephone roaming fees can be expensive, but data-roaming fees are worse (since you'll probably spend more time using the Internet than talking). Unless you're desperate for a full-time Internet connection, disable data roaming and use Wi-Fi.

Free Wi-Fi:

Most hotels, B&Bs, and vacation apartments offer free Wi-Fi Internet access.

You'll also find free Wi-Fi at a small but growing number of cafés and restaurants.

Municipal Wi-Fi:

Tourists can pre-book access to Venice's municipal Wi-Fi network for rates that range from €5 per day to €20 per week.

Coverage is mostly limited to major pedestrian streets and public squares.

To book access, click here and scroll down to "Wi-Fi Connection."