Don't let roaming fees ruin your trip.


Using your phone in Venice:

Feature phones: You'll need a phone that uses GSM technology and is compatible with European frequencies. (If you're visiting from outside Europe, check with your carrier before leaving home.)

Smartphones: Most modern smartphones work in Europe.

Roaming fees: Telephone roaming fees can be expensive, but data-roaming fees are worse (since you'll probably spend more time using the Internet than talking). Unless you're desperate for a full-time Internet connection, disable data roaming and use Wi-Fi.

  • Warning: We've heard of people running up thousands of euros in roaming fees when traveling outside their home countries.

Free Wi-Fi:

Many hotels offer free Wi-Fi Internet access.

You'll also find free Wi-Fi at a small but growing number of cafés and restaurants.

Municipal Wi-Fi:

Tourists can pre-book access to Venice's city Wi-Fi network for rates that range from €5 per day to €20 per week.

(Coverage is mostly limited to major pedestrian streets and public squares, as you can see by zooming in on this map.)

To book access, click here and read the FAQ before ordering service.

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