Need an ambulance? Call 112.

Ambulance at Ospedale Civile di Venezia

In a medical emergency, call 112 and request an ambulance. (Operators speak several languages, including English.) The older Italian-language medical-emergency number, 118, will also work.

Be prepared to supply a house or building number (e.g., "Cannaregio 1234" or "San Marco 6789") and the street name.

The ambulance will be a well-equipped boat staffed by paramedics and, in life-threatening cases, a physician. It will arrive at the nearest canal, and the ambulance team will come to you.

For more information, including a video that shows an ambulance arriving at the hospital emergency entrance, see Venice's Hospital and Emergency Room at our parent site,

Non-critical care:

For minor illnesses, injuries, and dental problems, ask your hotel receptionist to help you find a doctor or dentist.

  • If you need to visit a hospital in the city center, go to the Ospedale SS. Giovanni e Paolo, a.k.a. the Ospedale Civile di Venezia.

    The main entrance is on the Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo (look for the ornate white building next to the Giovanni e Paolo church).

    The emergency or pronto soccorso entrance is on the north side of the building, facing the Venetian Lagoon. Look for a modern entry next to the Ospedale waterbus stop (ACTV route 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, or 5.2). The emergency room handles both medical and dental emergencies.
  • In Mestre, take a cab, bus 24H, or a train to Ospedale dell'Angelo, a huge modern hospital on the outskirts of the city.