The doges are dead, long live the dogs.

Beagle on No. 1 vaporetto

There was a time when Venice was known for its feral cats. Today, Venetian cats are in short supply, and dogs rule the city. Here's our advice for visiting Venice with a pet:


Not all hotels welcome pets, but many do. Click the links in our QuickVenice Hotel Guide and look for pet policies in the individual hotel pages. (Some hotels may charge fees for pets.)

Restaurants and bars

Venetians often bring their dogs to restaurants and osterie, so don't feel shy about taking Fido or Fifi out for dinner or a drink--especially if you're eating or imbibing outdoors.


In theory, dogs aren't welcome in food stores, but you're unlikely to be shooed away if you bring Bruno into a bakery. (In supermarkets, locals often park their dogs inside the entrance.)


On ACTV water buses, the rules allow you to bring:

  • A dog with muzzle and leash;
  • Other animals in cages or boxes no larger than 150 cm (combined height, width, and depth).

Dogs are also allowed in most water taxis, although you may be asked to keep your dog on the floor to protect the leather seats. You'll also be responsible for getting your dog in and out of the boat.

On ATVO airport buses, pets in small cages or carriers are free if you can hold the carrier in your lap. Medium or large dogs pay full fare and may be required to wear muzzles. Guide dogs travel free.

On Alilaguna airport boats, your pet dog or guide dog travels free if it's muzzled and held in your arms. If your pet is in a cage or carrier, the container must be no larger than 160 cm (combined HWD), and--at least in theory--you'll need to buy a ticket for the pet.

  • Note: The muzzle requirement for dogs is often ignored (especially by locals), but it's a good idea to have a muzzle with you just in case.


In most parts of Venice, your dog will need to make pipi and caca on the paving stones. (Be sure to bring plastic bags.)

Pet supplies

Venice has many pet shops where you can buy dog food, plastic sacchetti for escrementi (see "Elimination" above), leashes, muzzles, pet toys, and dog clothing.

Tip: Venetians often dress up their dogs during the cooler months, so don't be shy about packing your pet's wardrobe.

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