A taxi acqueo is convenient, fun, and expensive.

Water taxi interior

There are two big differences between Venetian water taxis and taxicabs anywhere else:

  • Taxi acquei are more fun than four-wheeled cabs, and...
  • They're dreadfully high-priced.

The basics:

  • A standard water taxi can carry eight to 10 people (each with a suitcase), although some boats are slightly larger.
  • You can book ahead (see Consorzio Motoscafi link below) or hire a boat at the airport or one of the 14 water taxi stands around the city.
  • Disabled passengers are entitled to a 20% discount on fares.
  • Tipping is not required.


  • At some locations, getting on and off a water taxi can require a long step (possibly up or down, depending on the tide).
  • You'll need to hand your luggage to the driver from shore and reverse the process on arrival unless you're being helped by a hotel porter.
  • Many hotels don't have water entrances, and many aren't near water-taxi landings.

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