Where to park your car in Venice or on the mainland

Tronchetto garage entrance

In many European cities, driving a car into the city center is a hassle. In Venice, it's impossible: The road from the mainland stops at the edge of the centro storico.

Unless you're staying at a hotel in Mestre/Marghera that offers parking (or taking the No. 17 car ferry to the Lido di Venezia, where cars are allowed), convenient parking options are fairly limited.

In the city:

  • Tronchetto

    Venice's artificial parking island has a massive garage where you'll spend €21,-- per day or more to park your car. To reach Tronchetto, cross the Ponte della Libertà to Venice and follow the signs as you approach the city.

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  • Piazzale Roma

    Several public and private garages offer parking at Piazzale Roma, Venice's gateway for buses and taxis. The location is convenient, but prices at the Garage San Marco and other facilities are even higher than Tronchetto's rates.

  • Marittima cruise basin

    Several open-air lots offer parking next to the ship terminals, at rates slightly higher than Tronchetto's. (The lots are intended mostly for roundtrip cruise passengers.)

In Mestre, on the mainland:

  • San Giuliano

    The "Porta Gialla" or "Yellow Gate" lot next to the Parco San Giuliano is downright cheap, and you can catch public transportation to Venice.

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Important tip:

  • Parking can be in short supply on weekends or from Easter through early fall, so it's a good idea to reserve a space in advance.

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