See Venice by chauffered rowboat.

Gondolier at Salute Church

Can you enjoy a trip to Venice without hiring a gondola? Of course. But if a private boat ride is on your bucket list, read our tips before hitting the water:

Bring plenty of cash.

  • The official daytime gondola rate is €80 for a 40-minute ride, plus €40 for each additional 20 minutes.
  • From 7 p.m. to 8 a.m., the official rate goes up to €100 for the first 40 minutes plus €50 for each additional 20 minutes.
  • Gondolas accomodate up to six people, so you can reduce the cost per person by sharing a ride with family or friends.

Pick the right location.

  • You can ride gondolas in St. Mark's Basin (near the Piazza San Marco), at various points along the Grand Canal, or in the quiet side canals of Venice.
  • We prefer the quiet side canals, which offer a smoother, more peaceful ride with constantly-changing views.

Book a ride on the spot.

  • As you walk around Venice, you'll pass many gondola stations, and you'll often encounter gondoliers who politely inquire "Gondola?" as you walk by.
  • Simply indicate your interest and confirm or negotiate a rate.

    (The gondolier may try to deviate from the official rate, so make sure you've agreed on the price and length of the ride before you board the boat.)

Don't expect a singing gondolier.

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