Where to get (and how to use) single-journey tickets

ACTV ticket reader

ACTV vaporetto (waterbus) tickets are available at:

  • Hellovenezia ticket offices, including the Piazzale Roma (near the taxi stand) and ticket windows at larger ACTV stations.
  • Multilingual self-service ticket machines at many ACTV stations.
  • From the conductor on the water bus if you can't buy a ticket before boarding, although this is now discouraged.

Fares for non-residents are outrageous:

  • €7,50 for a single trip of up to 75 minutes in one direction, using multiple boats if necessary, or...
  • €5 for a handful of short crossings (Lido SME-Sant'Elena or Giardini, San Zaccaria-San Servolo, San Marco-San Zaccaria-San Giorgio Maggiore, Zattere-Palanca, and Murano Colonna-Cimitero or Fondamente Nove).


  • A single ticket can store multiple fares, so don't panic if you buy several tickets and receive only one magnetic card.
  • Tourist Travel Cards are a better deal if you plan to use the boats often.

    These tickets are valid for unlimited travel over a period of one to seven days, depending on price. (See our Tourist Travel Cards page for details.)

Children's fares:

  • Children below 6 years of age travel free.
  • Children 6 or older pay the full adult fare for single trips, but you can buy a child's roundtrip waterbus fare for �7

Youth and young-adult pass:

  • Young people from ages 14 through 29 can buy the Rolling Venice Card at any Hellovenezia ticket desk.

    The card is valid for 3 days of unlimited ACTV boat and bus travel within the city (not including the airport). See our Tourist Travel Cards page for the current price.

Disabled fare:

  • Wheelchair passengers pay only €1,50 for a single-journey ticket that's valid for 75 minutes. (One companion can travel at the same fare.)


  • You can transport one item of luggage of up to 150 cm (59 inches) in combined length, width, and height.

    You're also allowed a purse, small carry-on, or small backpack.

    If you exceed the luggage limit, you may be required to pay an extra fare.

Before you board the boat:

  • To avoid a steep fine, validate your ticket at the grey-and-white electronic card reader (photo at top of page).

    Hold the ticket against the reader until you see a green light and hear a beep.
  • Note: Some larger stations also have green ticket readers. These are for checking how many fares are left on a ticket or pass, and you can't use them to validate journeys.

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