Venice's island beach resort

Lido public beach

We described the Lido di Venezia in our Introducing Venice section, but it's also worth mentioning here.

The island is only a few minutes from central Venice by ACTV water bus, and it faces two bodies of water:

  • One side of the Lido is on the Venetian Lagoon (with a view of central Venice), and the other has a long string of beaches along the Adriatic Sea.

How to reach the Lido:

  • No. 1 vaporetto: Venice's most scenic waterbus line runs from the Piazzale Roma and the railroad station to the Lido, with stops at points along the Grand Canal and the waterfront east of the Piazza San Marco.

    (Suggestion: On your return trip from the Lido, get off at the first stop in central Venice--Sant'Elena--and walk along the water's edge to San Marco.)
  • Several other ACTV lines also connect central Venice to the Lido, including the 5.1/5.2 "circolare" routes, the seasonal No. 6 express line between Piazzale Roma and Lido, and the No. 17 car ferry from the parking island of Tronchetto.

Walking to the beaches:

  • From the ACTV's Lido S.M.E. waterbus station, head inland on the Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, the island's main shopping street.
  • After about 700 meters (less than half a mile), you'll reach the Adriatic Sea. You'll see the public bathhouse complex straight ahead, across the waterfront road.
  • Although there are many private beach clubs facing the water, the beach itself is open to the public for its entire length.

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